Thank you for visiting this website. I launched this website in 2004, originally as My website was the first large-scale attempt to showcase the best of church website design. Other similar sites have sprung up since then. They continue to do a fine job of presenting the best of church website design, for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Church websites constantly evolve and change, or at least they should. The examples in my gallery were approaching two years old. They were out of date. However, it's very time-consuming to research church websites and write comments about them, as I did on this website. I no longer have time to do this. Consequently, I shut down this website on 1 March 2014.

This domain,, and related domains that I own — .net and .net/ .org — are for sale or for monthly lease. Contact me using the link below if you are interested in purchasing or leasing any of these the domains, or call: (971) 295-4191. Serious inquiries only, please.

David Gillaspey, founder
Portland, Oregon, USA